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Trend hunting in Paris...

Maison et Objet, you have not disappointed. You have lived up to our imagination of what you were to be.
In our minds you were 110,000 sq.m. vast and 5,000+ brands interesting.

What you were was 39,000 footsteps of interesting and 400 photos of inspiring.
Monday morning 5am alarm brought more excitement than normal if woken at that time. The prospect of breakfast on the Eurostar was more appealing than my normal regime. Paris bound we were! Maison et Objet is one of the largest design shows in Europe and the word on everyone's lips in the design world in January is 'Paris'.
We are so excited to be part of this world full of creativity and the sort of people who make things happen. The sort of people who have a vision... see how a piece of furniture should look and create it; know how a room should be lit and make it so; know how materials work together and blend them.
For us here at Slightly Quirky, we were on the look-out for inspiration and new suppliers, as well as lo…

Advance to 2018...

New Year, for most people, brings with it all the possibilities of new plans, ambitions, goals, challenges. An exciting, prosperous time full of fresh ideas... as well as the less fresh ideas... go to the gym, drink more water, get more sleep... but this year 'will' be the year... Well this year can be the year- remember it's the little steps, the little changes which contribute to your bigger aims and intentions. Daily, achievable, realistic changes are far more likely to help you get where you want to be this year; as well as make you happier and keep you motivated as you're consistently fulfilling your intentions. Tick! Yay you! One gold star! Advance to Go- collect £200! (...well, not literally!)
All these positive steps add up to a more positive you. A more positive you brings more positive outcomes in your work and home life... in the words of Roald Dahl '...if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams...' Plus it doesn't ha…